Outreach Tips

Hosting Outreach Table Event 

-Pre-packed tabling box

  • Tablecloth or banners. Small table cloths are usually better. Longer table cloths are difficult to handle and sometimes the logo doesn’t display correctly if it’s folded to fit the table. Tables are usually 6 feet long.
  • Display racks for brochures and handouts. These help the table look neater. 
  • Business cards and holder.
  • Clip board with sign-up sheets and pens. Have a few names and e-mail addresses written in (even if fictitious) as many people don‘t like to be the first to sign up.
  • Brochures.
  • Handouts. If you have more than one handout , copy them on different color paper. 
  • Tape, string, and magic markers.
  • Giveaways. Avoid putting them all on the table at once. 
  • Bowl/basket for raffle & raffle prizes 

-Developing and memorizing a short message of about 30 seconds or less is helpful. It should be as natural as possible.
-Assembling a mock set up of your table is also a great idea. Find out if you are sharing table with another organization, so you know how much space you have for your materials. 
-Lastly, having a gimmick to attract people to your table is very helpful. Holding a raffle is common.



More to come soon!